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Vortex 4 basic

The Vortex 4 Basic from IKA was designed for small shaking tasks where small vessels and microtiter plates are used. The highly versatile Vortex 4 offers a wide range of attachments, attachment recognition, and two operating modes.


-Wide range of attachments
-Attachment detection
-Continuous or touch operation (with standard attachment)
-Two operating modes:

Mode A (safe mode with attachment detection) the maximum speed of 3,000 rpm is only reached with the standard attachment in touch mode. When using other attachments the speed is limited to 1,300 rpm.
Mode B (without attachment detection) a speed of 3,000 rpm is possible with all attachments.

-Stable in all speed ranges
-Sturdy zinc die cast casing

Technical Specification: 

Type of movement orbital
Shaker diameter 4.5 mm
Permissible shaking weight (incl. attachment) 0.5 kg
Motor rating input 10 W
Motor rating output 8 W
Permissible ON time 100%
Speed min (adjustable) 200 rpm
Speed range 0 - 3000 rpm
Speed display scale
Timer no
Timer display scale
Operating mode continuous operation
Touch function yes
Shaking table lock no
Working with microtiter plates yes
Number of microtiter plates 1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 176 x 63 x 190 mm
Weight 3 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 21
RS 232 interface no
Analog output no
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 20 W
DC Voltage 24 V=
Current consumption 800 mA