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Refractometer TA&P/TA

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The MASTER-Series Wine Refractometers are used for measuring grape must concentrations.


 The operator can simply apply a drop of sample on the prism to view the measurement value through the eyepiece. 5 models are available. These models come with dual scales (one wine scale plus Brix scale). These models are equipped with the same great features as the other MASTER-α Series. Featuring functions, such as, Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Hold, Smooth Sampling, Easy Disposal of Sample, Well-Balanced Structure, and the improvement of hygiene aspect by employing the new type of grip. TA models come with Automatic Temperature Compensation function (ATC) and Water Resistant feature (IP65). And MASTER-P/TA models have the same properties, just manual for ATC function and they are made of plastic.

Technical Specification: 

Cat.No. 2590
Scale T.A.
Measurement Range T.A. : 0.0 to 25.0 %
Brix : 0.0 to 40.0 %
(Automatic Temperature Compensation for TA series)
Minimum Scale T.A. : 0.2 %
Brix : 0.5 %
Measurement Accuracy T.A. : ±0.3 %
Brix : ± 0.5 %
(10 to 30 °C)
International Protection Class IP65 (except eye piece) 
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Dimensions & Weight 3.2×3.4×16.8cm, 130g & 3.2×3.4×16.8cm, 90g