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Incubator Transparent Door

Product code: 
SI60 / SI60D

Incubator Transparent Door (Stuart)


  • Full visibility of samples
  • Easy access to working chamber
  • Many applications: Plant propagation- Humidity tests- Simulation of tropical conditions- Incubation of complete instruments
  • Choice of analogue or digital control
Technical Specification: 


Temperature range Ambient +5°C to 60°C
Temperature fluctuation at 37°C ±0.1°C
Temperature variation between shelves ±0.3°C
Nominal volume 60 litres
Internal dimensions (w x d x h) 450 x 380 x 380mm
External dimensions (w x d x h) 600 x 390 x 390mm
Net weight 11.2kg
Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 350W

Model Description
SI60 Incubator, total visibility, analogue
SI60D Incubator, total visibility, digital
SI60/1 Acrylic base plate
SI60/2 Plastic coated shelf/rack system with two shelves