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Cooled Incubator with orbital shaker

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Cooled Incubator with orbital shaker (Stuart)

This combined shaker and incubator is ideal for scientists doing cell culturing procedures, especially suspension culture applications. When combined with the SRC4 recirculating cooler (or equivalent recirculating cooler) the SI600C can operate at temperatures down to 15°C below ambient (min 5°C) making it also ideal for low temperature applications such as cell based protein expression. The unit remains compact enough to be positioned on the laboratory bench.


  • Combined incubator shaker with cooling*
  • 115 litre capacity available
  • Digital display for temperature and speed
  • Integrated timer
  • Unique retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Angle adjustable accessory tube racks, with Magnalock coupling system available
  • Communications enabled for external temperature measurement
Technical Specification: 


Model SI600C
Temperature range Ambient -15 to 60°C (min. 5°C)
Temperature display resolution 0.1°C
Temperature precision ± 0.5°C
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5°C
Temperature variation ± 0.5°C
Speed range 30 to 300 rpm
Orbit diameter 16mm
Platform size 520 x 390mm
Capacity 115L
Int. dimensions (w x d x h) 625 x 455 x 380mm
Maximum vessel height 320mm
Maximum load 10kg
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 675 x 562(592+) x 640mm
Net weight 60kg
Heater power 400W
Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 450W

Model Description
SI600C Incubator, orbital shaker, large cooled
SRC4 Recirculating cooler